1540 Pneumatic Level SwitchTaking suggestions from the field, SOR has improved the 1540 Pneumatic Level Switch's construction so it fits all two-inch NPT coupling installations. According to the company, the new design also offers:

  • A higher pilot pressure option, which lets you choose a pressure that fits your application.
  • The option to handle higher pilot pressures up to 80 psi — now you can choose between the 30 psi version and the 80 psi version to better match your system specifications.
  • The enhanced 1540 meets all two-inch NPT coupling installation requirements without interference from process build up.
  • SOR has extended the float further into the vessel without changing any of the external dimensions.
  • The 1500 Series is popular because of its low cost and all stainless steel construction.
  • The 1540 is a horizontally mounted, float-operated level switch, suitable for plant and OEM applications where a pneumatic valve operation reacts to the presence or absence of liquid at a discrete level.
  • The float arm moves a magnet which in turn moves a shuttle that either blocks or allows pilot pressure to pass and operate ancillary equipment.