X-Series Ultra-High Shear mixerThe Ross X-Series Ultra-High Shear mixer is ideal for products that require great uniformity in a dispersion or emulsion. The company says that this inline mixer features:

  • Suitability for processes wherein exceptionally narrow particle size distributions are desired within a single pass.
  • More vigorous mixing, greater size reduction and higher throughput compared to conventional colloid mills.
  • In certain applications, even formulations that previously warranted a move to expensive high-pressure homogenizers can now be successfully produced in an ultra-high shear mixer.
  • Sample applications include electrode pastes, specialty adhesives, coatings, pigmented inks, silicone emulsions, polymer suspensions, nanodispersions, lubricants and other chemicals.
  • The X-Series generator (US Patent No. 5,632,596) consists of a precisely-machined stator with concentric rows of teeth and a matching rotor turning at tip speeds over 11,000 feet per minute.
  • A high-performance cartridge-type double mechanical seal with barrier system is supplied on all standard units.
  • Options for gas seals, sanitary connections and mix chambers, heating/cooling jackets, and Hastelloy, titanium or hardened stainless steel rotor/stator sets are available.
  • Services include no-charge mixing demonstrations, a flexible trial/rental program and optional factory acceptance testing.