SafeLOGICNow that B&R's SafeLOGIC safety controller is available for Profinet networks, Smart Safe Reaction technology can be quickly and easily integrated into Profinet automation applications. According to the company, characteristics include:

  • Based on openSAFETY, B&R's Smart Safe Reaction product set is the only integrated safety system that can guarantee response times of 10 ms, which is 10 times faster than previous solutions.
  • The openSAFETY real-time safety bus system is not bound to a single solution and can be used on all conventional Ethernet-based fieldbus network systems up to SIL 3.
  • With the innovative and high-performance features that Smart Safe Reaction technology can provide in combination with openSAFETY, user requirements can now also be solved on automated machines and systems that use Profinet.
  • The SafeLOGIC safety controller model for Profinet allows execution of the safety-related application program and also handles monitoring the overall configuration of the application, including its parameters.
  • The application on the Profinet master CPU has full access to the signals in the network, regardless of whether standard or safety-related channels are affected.
  • The SafeLOGIC controller also uses openSAFETY to monitor the system and shut it down if a safety requirement is not met.
  • A wide range of proven functions from the Smart Safe Reaction portfolio is available, including PLCopen-compliant and TÜV-certified function blocks, secure digital and analog input signals, safe temperature signal detection, and much more.
  • The SafeLOGIC controller in this network can also handle signals from openSAFETY components such as light curtains, laser scanners and variable frequency drives from other manufacturers.