Alfa Laval Iso-MixAlfa Laval introduces its Iso-Mix rotary jet mixer that efficiently mixes liquid, gas or powder — all in the same tank. After mixing, the unit serves as a rotary jet tank-cleaning device, thereby reducing your investment, tank cleaning time and clean-in-place consumption by up to 50 percent. The company believes that its Iso-Mix is also equipped with:

  • Either 2 or 4 rotating nozzles in which liquid is circulated via an external loop and propelled through the jets, while the mixer rotates both horizontally and vertically, resulting in thorough mixing with minimal time and energy consumption.
  • The control and minimization of beverage oxygen content (to levels less than 5 PPB), which improves shelf life while maintaining flavor when introducing gas to the system.
  • The capability to quickly dissolve stabilizers and thickeners, such as xanthan, guar gum, pectin and other demanding hydrophobic powders.
  • Efficient ingredient mixing to maintain color, aroma and concentration levels in soft drink syrup, concentrate or not-from-concentrate juices.
  • The power to mix powders both rapidly and consistently without foam formation or introduction of air.
  • The flexibility to easily retrofit the mixing device into any vat or production line, including cans, bottles or aseptic packaging, plus easy conversion of the unit into a deaeration system by adding a recirculation loop with N2 or CO2
  • The ability to produce a variety of batches in a single day.