KIN-TEK Trace SourceKIN-TEK Laboratories presents its Trace Source permeation tubes to dynamically blend calibration gas standards for hazardous air pollutants as these compounds are not available as cylinder gas standards due to their low vapor pressure and/or instability in storage. The tubes also offer:

  • The ability to emit a constant flow of vapor when held at constant temperature — diluting that flow with a known flow of pure nitrogen or zero air forms a low-pressure gas standard. 
  • The capability to measure permeation tube flow by monitoring the rate of weight loss of the tube. 
  • Accommodations for hazardous air pollutants, such as triethylamine, phenol, toluene 2.4 diisocyanate and naphthalene.
  • The flexibility to accurately simulate ambient air samples with either dry or humidified mixtures.
  • The convenience of supplying concentrations from above threshold level values down to low PPT using the company’s FlexStream™ automated gas standards generator system. 
  • NIST-traceable mixtures through fundamental measurements (weight change, temperature, etc.).