STX2A Sliding Vane PumpBlackmer® has added the STX2A transport pump to its growing line of positive-displacement sliding-vane transport pumps. This 316 stainless-steel, two-inch pump was especially designed for clean, non-abrasive, light-viscosity fluids and chemicals. While similar in characteristics to its STX3 and STX1220A predecessors, the STX2A distinguishes itself with its lower flow rates, operating effectively and efficiently from 15 to 60 GPM (60 to 227 L/min) — a key consideration for end-users specializing in light-viscosity chemical handling.  According to the company, other key features include:

  • Push rods allow for slower pump speeds from 350 to 780 RPM.
  • Maximum viscosities of 4,600 SSU (970 cSt).
  • PTFE elastomers.
  • 90-degree porting.
  • Dimensional interchangeability with Blackmer TXD2, TXD1220 and STX1220A pump models.
  • Foot-mounting.
  • Standard Duravanes.
  • Weld flanges.
  • Chrome oxide-coated stainless-steel heads.
  • PTFE chemical mechanical seals.
  • Internal adjustable relief valve.
  • Three drain ports allow draining in any mounting position.