BOP handling systemA purpose-designed BOP handling system comprising twin air-operated monorail hoists, with a joint lifting capacity of 200 tons has been supplied by J D Neuhaus. The company says that these hoists:

  • Feature a special compact design which has been developed to suit on-site operational requirements — each hoist represents a 45 percent reduction in the horizontal profile length compared to the JDN standard EH-100 product.
  • Run in parallel on two overhead beams in excess of 22 meters in length.
  • Incorporate two trolleys, each with a 50-ton load rating, providing a total 100 ton lift capacity per hoist.
  • Are fitted with a copper-coated bottom block and clevis (providing increased spark protection), together with a galvanized chain box.
  • Feature overhead support beams that incorporate a rack and pinion drive for the trolleys, ensuring that even inclines up to 2.5 degrees can be negotiated.
  • Feature a total traverse distance in excess of 18 meters, while the lift height available is 15.25 meters.
  • Include a single Neuhaus LN trolley with a 50-ton load capacity, used to provide a BOP fixture device during maintenance works.
  • Incorporate overload protection, with limit switches also provided for the hoist and traverse operations.
  • Feature motors that are also fitted with an additional emergency manual brake release handle located on the motor cover.
  • Include air service units comprising filter, regulator and oiler that are hoist-mounted, and the equipment has full JDN offshore kit and four-coat epoxy paint finish.