HVR303Blue Giant Equipment Corp. has added model HVR303 to its award winning StrongArm™ vehicle-restraint series. According to the company, the restraint is characterized by:

  • A restraining force of 32,000 pounds.
  • The restraint prevents forklift damage, worker injury and other dangers associated with unscheduled truck departure.
  • The rugged hook?style restraint arm services a wide variety of trailers, including those with bent or damaged ICC bars.
  • A spring?based compensation float ensures compatibility with air?ride suspension systems and a constant?force restraining grip prevents accidental separation due to cross?docking bounce and vibration.
  • The sliding nose extension enables the restraint carriage to automatically position itself in accordance with each incoming truck’s design, without damaging either the restraint or the ICC bar.
  • Designed to comply with ANSI MH30.3, it is an environmentally sustainable alternative to oil?powered hydraulics.
  • It can be interlocked with Blue Giant air?powered dock levelers to build a ‘green’ loading dock solution, allowing builders and developers to qualify for government incentives as well as project the image of an environmentally responsible business.
  • It is controlled by the Blue Genius™ Gold Series II Touch Control Panel, which includes an LCD menu screen and a flat?surface buttons and keypad with unique touch sensors.
  • Interior and exterior LED lights keep drivers and warehouse personnel advised of safety conditions.