Franklin 1077LFranklin Miller had designed the Delumper® Crusher 1077L to reduce lumps and agglomerates to desired output with a positive once-through chopping action. The company says that this precision unit also employs:

  • The power to easily process a wide range of solids, reducing them to their basic grain size without fines, overgrind or heat rise.
  • A smooth rotating drum mounted with replaceable teeth that intermesh with special sizing combs.
  • Accommodations for chemicals, minerals, plastics, pharmaceuticals and more.
  • Smooth operation, low noise and vibration, easy assembly and long, dependable service.
  • 1-piece, dust-tight body construction.
  • A smooth polished seamless body, shaft seals and connecting flanges.
  • A low-headroom design.  
  • Availability with a sanitary design and finish, special alloys and outboard bearings with packing seals, as well as secondary sizing screens.