EPL-TP-1X150LED-100Larson Electronics' releases the EPL-TP-1X150LED-100, an adjustable quad-pod tower-mounted explosion-proof light for hazardous location use. According to the company, these units are:

  • Designed for easy deployment and high stability with a 150-watt LED light head producing 10,000 lumens mounted atop an adjustable aluminum tower with four legs.
  • Characterized by easy transport and set up with collapsible construction and a wheeled platform for a compact loading size and easy maneuvering around the work area.
  • An ideal high-power lighting system for operators requiring a portable and powerful explosion proof lighting solution.
  • Able to provide 10,000 lumens of intense light output in a wide flood pattern.
  • A quad-pod design, so rather than three platform legs as is found with typical tripod towers, this unit has four legs, giving it superior stability and strength and the ability to keep the tower more stable even in windy conditions.
  • Able to illuminate a work space 8,000 square feet in size, and are equipped with 100 feet of SOOW cord ending in an explosion-proof plug to provide plenty of length for moving the light around the work area.
  • Adjustable from 4 to 12 feet in height, and the entire tower can be collapsed, the light head assembly removed, and the legs folded, allowing operators to easily transport the unit to and from the job site in the back of a full size car or pickup truck.
  • Approved for Class 1 Division 1, Groups C, D and Class 1 Division 2, Group A, B, C, D locations, and provides operators with a safe and compliant tower lighting system that can stand up to the demanding conditions of the industrial work place.