Zero-Gap II™ infeedStandard-Knapp introduces its Zero-Gap II™ infeed complete product-conveyor assembly, which is engineered to eliminate line jams during the packaging process. The company says that the Zero-Gap II Infeed:

  • Employs electronic sensors to monitor and control product movement, maintaining a constant low line pressure and maximizing machine uptime.  
  • Features a flexible design and gentle handling capabilities, which make it ideal for applications in the soft drink, beer, wine, food and household product industries. 
  • Is installed between the upstream product conveyor and the original infeed of the machine
  • Distributes product from a nested pattern into multiple lanes, and, as these lanes fill, the electronic population sensors signal the conveyor to increase its speed, maintaining balance — each of these lanes continue to carry the product downstream where the lanes begin to narrow.
  • By monitoring the product lanes and controlling the conveyor speeds accordingly, it allows product to enter these lanes with very low pressure and no (zero) gaps. 
  • Operates at speeds of up to 2,000 bottles per minute with round containers of all sizes. 
  • Offer easy changeover though initial setup parameters which allow operators to complete changes with repeatability and without the need to adjust settings during production. 
  • Is compatible with a variety of platforms, including tray packers, shrink bundlers, intermittent motion case packers and rotary packers. 
  • Is constructed with robust stainless steel and a narrow profile, and features an easy-access configuration with no moving parts.