Simple Logger® II Model L104AEMC’s Simple Logger® II Model L104 four-channel AC current-recording device is powered by alkaline batteries. The compatible current probes are Models MN93-BK, MN193-BK or SR193-BK (sold separately); full scale ranges from 5A to 1200A are dependent on probe selection. According to the company, the logger offers:

  • TRMS current recording up to 1200A.
  • 64 samples per cycle.
  • Programmable storage rates from eight per second to one every day.
  • Four user-selectable storage modes.
  • Stores up to 1,000,000 measurements in non-volatile memory.
  • Up to 180 days or more of operation from standard alkaline batteries dependent on sample rate.
  • Lightweight, compact, fits anywhere.
  • Six LED indicators quickly and clearly display logger status.
  • Includes FREE DataView® software for data storage, real-time waveform display, analysis and report generation.
  • Wireless Bluetooth data communication.
  • Safety Ratings 600V CAT IV, 1000V CAT III.