Microluft aeratorSorubin, a supplier of energy-efficient aeration products for water treatment, has advanced its Microluft aerator to make it fully operational in unfiltered wastewater. According to the company:

  • This means it is capable of pumping fibers (hair and fabric) and various solid objects without operational failure or clogging.
  • The hydraulics of Microluft were modified to make the aerator able to handle all things normally found in unfiltered wastewater: fiber-clots “rags” and solid objects like hygiene products; the wear plate is also of a completely new design, introducing “shredding slots.”
  • Tests (carried out at UMEVA’s wastewater treatment plant in Gravmark, Sweden) showed that the new version of Microluft was able to operate and aerate unfiltered wastewater without clogging the aerator.
  • A patent application has been filed by Sorubin for this modified version of Microluft.
  • Microluft is a bottom-mounted aerator that entrains atmospheric air to the bottom of dams and ponds by creating a vortex in a pipe.
  • The high-yielding oxygen transfer rate per energy unit is many times higher than for incumbent aerator technologies, so Microluft is highly energy efficient.