Marion microwaveMarion Mixers has partnered with AMTek Microwave to design and manufacture microwave vessel heating systems for the processing industries. According to the company, these systems additionally boasts:

  • The ability to achieve uniform heat distribution.
  • Shorter batch times.
  • Lower overall energy costs.
  • Easy cleanup and maintenance.
  • Availability in virtually any vessel size for any industry in which consistent energy-efficient volumetric heating application is required.
  • A 3A sanitary-compliant design with food safety and hygienic product processing in mind.
  • Ideal suitability for sauces, soups, chili, gravies, syrups, jams/jellies, salad dressings, spice mixes and meat products, not to mention chemicals, plastics, minerals, textiles, food, waste-to-energy and recycling.

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