SWECO® Hydrocyclone SystemsSWECO now offers the latest in fine particle separation for wet processing: SWECO® Hydrocyclone Systems. According to the company, these systems:

  • Provide an economical and effective method for removing solid particles in the 4 to 100+ micron range from various slurries.
  • Typically make finer separations than are practical with screening separators, at significantly higher capacities.
  • Can be used in place of decanting centrifuges in many applications, providing the desired result at a lower cost.
  • Are supplied in either an open-manifold or a Packed-Vessel configuration — manifolds (radial or linear orientation) utilize 2-, 4-, 5- or 10-inch diameter cyclones while Packed Vessels contain either 1- or 2-inch diameter cyclones.
  • Can lower the capital, operating and maintenance costs of a solids-separation system.
  • Offer straightforward installation, as the hydrocyclone system is shipped assembled.
  • Offer reliable operation, requiring only a consistent feed at a steady pressure.
  • Feature limited moving parts: Only the feed pump and the slurry itself are moving.
  • Offer much lower energy costs than those of a large centrifuge, and maintenance (when needed) is much easier to accomplish.
  • Are available integrated with a SWECO Centrifuge, Rectangular Separator or Round Separator.

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