Dawar touch screenDawar Technologies’ Multi-Touch Projected Capacitive Touch screen combines functionality, sensitivity and advanced optics in an all-glass solution. According to the company, this touch screen further features:

  • Optics that boast a light transmission of 90 percent, a clarity of greater than or equal to 97 percent, a rapid response and optimal accuracy.
  • 4 simultaneous touch points with full gesture support — tap, flick, pinch, click, expand and rotate. 
  • Rugged all-glass construction that delivers a surface durability of greater than or equal to a 9-H pencil hardness, and dependable performance over a wide operating temperature range.
  • Effortless input with a finger, glove or conductive stylus. 
  • A range of standard sizes from 4.3 to 24 inches (diagonal) for controller board solutions and 4.3 to 17 inches (diagonal) for Chip-on-Flex.   
  • Standard 4:3 and wide-aspect ratios.
  • Compatibility with Windows 7 HID, plus drivers available for most other operating systems.
  • Support for multiple interfaces (USB, RS232 and I2C). 
  • Availability of custom features, such as a decorative front lens for the popular tablet PC look. 
  • No linearity calibration required.