Fusion™ screenSWECO’s Fusion™ screen with an integral gasket “molded design” features complex robotic construction. According to the company, the screen is additionally characterized by:

  • It creates precise repeatable tensioning and engineered uniform integral strain relief.
  • The integral gasket, which is comprised of the gasket, strain relief and screen frame, is one molded part, as is the one-piece center disc with integral strain relief.
  • The screen’s manufacture boasts no silicone/no adhesive, as the mesh is fused into the screen frame and center disc.
  • The repeatability of the robot construction assures precise tensioning, lower tolerances, smaller deviations of the screens and more rapid turnaround time (allowing you to get your screens faster).
  • The unitary construction integrates the screen gasket directly into the tension ring, eliminates the handling and stocking of separate gaskets and provides a precision fit into the separator.
  • This unitary design also reduces cracks and crevices, producing a more “cleanable” screen with less potential for cross-contamination.
  • The one-time use ring is disposable, saving handling and shipping fees to return the rings.
  • Fusion Screens are available in 48-inch (1200mm) and 60-inch (1500mm) sizes.
  • Also available is Fusion Plus™, a screen with components that are FDA approved for food contact.
  • Fusion Screens are also available for Rectangular Separators — Fusion Rectangular Screens feature a cellular construction which utilizes a robust cage design reinforced with high-tensile-strength steel rods. 

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