SURVEYOR Auto Gage 3DLaser Design Inc. has announced the unveiling of its newest and most automated inspection-grade 3D scanning system, the SURVEYOR Auto Gage 3D. According to the company, the system offers:

  • Complete high-speed part inspections in minutes with minimal operator training.
  • First article part inspections, incoming part inspections and sample part inspections on the shop floor can now be performed by machine attendant-level employees.
  • Structured light projection technology from one scanner head captures all viewable surfaces of small- to medium-sized objects.
  • A work envelope of 6 inches by 6 inches by 4 inches (Auto Gage 4100) or 10 inches by 10 inches by 5 inches (Auto Gage 6100).
  • A design that is versatile enough for inspection and reverse engineering applications, and speedy enough for factory-floor verification uses.
  • Scans that are accurate to +/- 0.001 inches (0.025mm).
  • A built-in system PC provides full control for scanning and optional data processing.
  • Most parts do not require fixturing unless they are unstable in the desired orientation.
  • Typically scanned objects include small- to medium-sized parts made of plastic, metal and rubber, and cast, molded, forged and machined parts.
  • Fully automated inspection reports can be created and reports comparing the scan data to CAD models can be immediately viewed by the operator to make a fast Go/No Go decision of shape verification.