DustBoss® DB-MDust Control Technology’s DustBoss® DB-M is well-suited to operating conditions involving very fine dust particles, including slag dust or fly ash.  According to the company, the unit:

  • Generates an umbrella-shaped cloud of atomized droplets averaging 50 to 200 microns in size, projecting the mist about 30 feet (9.14 meters) under calm conditions.
  • Includes a powerful misting head that is supplied standard with nine atomizing nozzles and is mounted on a 15-foot boom.
  • Features a design that was engineered for its ability to be customized for specific dust types, particle behaviors or operating environments
  • Includes selectable flow settings and the company’s proprietary Variable Particle Sizing (VPS) Technology to improve capture efficiency. 
  • Needs just 10 PSI of water pressure from the supply hose when using the integrated booster pump, giving it an output as high as 24 GPM at 200 PSI. 
  • Features an in-line 30 mesh filter that stops any solids 600 microns and larger. 
  • Was configured for U.S. markets for 3-phase/480 volt /60 hertz power and the full current load is approximately 12 amps. 
  • Can be configured to match power supplies in virtually any region in the world.
  • Can also be supplied with an optional dosing pump for precise metering of odor-control additives, surfactants to improve binding to dust particles, or tackifying agents to help seal ground-level dust and prevent it from becoming airborne.