Blackmer STX2A-DEFBlackmer® has specifically designed the STX2A-DEF sliding vane pump for use in applications that require the handling of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). Other features include:

  • Flow rates from 15 to 60 GPM (60 to 227 LPM).
  • Push rods to permit slower pump speeds from 350 to 780 RPM.
  • A maximum viscosity of 4,600 SSU (970 cSt).
  • 316 stainless steel construction and PTFE elastomers.
  • Standard Duravanes.
  • A 90-degree porting with weld flanges.
  • Ball-bearing construction with PTFE chemical mechanical seals.
  • An internal adjustable relief valve.
  • 3 drain ports to allow draining in any mounting position.
  • Dimensional interchangeability with the company’s TXD2, TXD1220 and STX1220A pump models.
  • Compliance with ISO 22241 material standards and cleanliness specifications required for DEF applications.