09 Series Cartridge ValvesComatrol has introduced its 09 Series Cartridge Valves for proportional and on/off pilot control of clutches, brakes and directional-control valves.  According to the company:

  • The series includes two on/off solenoid valves and a proportional pressure-reducing valve. 
  • The valves are especially designed for pilot applications requiring minimal pressure losses in the system.
  • The series is a hybrid product that combines a 10 size cavity with an 08 size tube/coil, thus optimizing performance for pilot-control applications. 
  • The large 10 size cavity provides high flow capability with low pressure drop, while the 08 size tube/coil provides a smaller package size and lower power consumption of the coil.
  • The two on/off solenoid valves offer customers the choice of 2-position, 3-way (SV09-23-02) and 2-position, 4-way (SV09-24-01) schematics — both of these popular schematics can operate to pilot pressures of 100 bar (1450 psi), higher than many pilot valves in the industry. 
  • The flow rate for both are over 20 LPM (5.3 GPM), exceeding that of even standard 10 size solenoid valves, which are around 15 LPM (4 GPM).
  • When the application needs proportional pilot control, the PPR09-POD provides precise electro-proportional control of the clutch or directional valve. 
  • For all three valves, use the optional inlet screen to protect the system from large particles. 
  • Comatrol’s 09 Series coils are designed for incorporation on machine-control architecture that utilizes Sauer?Danfoss PLUS+1™ hardware.