High-Capacity Separators & ScreenersRotex Global LLC offers the Megatex XD/Minerals Separator high-capacity screener, and the cleanable design APEX Screener. According to the company, the two products are characterized by:

Megatex XD/Mineral Separator

  • Delivers higher capacity per square foot of screen space in a compact footprint.
  • Offers unsurpassed screening performance and increased up-time.
  • Features a unique design that allows for material with temperatures up to 400°F (205°C) to be effectively screened at constant feed rates.
  • Offers elliptical-linear motion and equal feed distribution to all screening decks, which ensures material quickly stratifies and quickly spreads across the width of the screen surface.
  • The long-stroke and low-frequency gently separates material without violent action that can reduce yield of on-spec product.
  • Each deck feeds product through sealed discharge door channels to maximize product recovery.
  • Features durable abrasion-resistant steel construction with hardened surfaces at critical material contact points.

APEX Screener

  • Features the same industry-standard screening performance of a classic Rotex, but with an ergonomically friendly design that enables installation in low-overhead environments and operation/maintenance by a single operator.
  • Offers side-access doors, allowing a single individual to inspect and change screens, if required, in a matter of minutes.
  • Includes a patented lift cam system that provides easy access to the ball trays and screens.
  • Employs a Gyratorial Reciprocating motion and near horizontal screen surface to ensure the material has maximum contact with the screening surface for the most efficient screening possible.
  • Offers improved yields, as the material stratifies quickly at the inlet end of the machine for maximum contact time as it is conveyed down the screen surface.
  • Is ideal for screening of chemicals, fertilizers, clay, non-metallic minerals and industrial sand.

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