Standard-Knapp Zero-GapStandard-Knapp has engineered its Zero-Gap II™ Infeed complete product conveyor assembly to eliminate line jams during the packaging process. According to the company, the Zero-Gap II further delivers:

  • The ability to monitor and control product movement, maintaining a constant low line pressure and maximizing machine uptime.   
  • The distribution of product from a nested pattern into multiple lanes. 
  • Electronic population sensors that signal the conveyor to increase its speed, maintaining balance as the lanes fill and product accumulates in the low pressure area. 
  • The capability of these lanes to continue carrying the product downstream, where they begin to narrow and line up with the machine’s individual lane guides, permitting product to enter these lanes with very low pressure and no gaps. 
  • Operation at speeds up to 2,000 bottles per minute with round containers of all sizes. 
  • Simplified changeovers as a result of initial setup parameters that allow operators to complete changes with repeatability and without the need to adjust settings during production. 
  • Compatibility with a variety of platforms, including tray packers, shrink bundlers, intermittent motion case packers and rotary packers. 
  • Robust stainless steel construction and a narrow profile.
  • An easy-access configuration without moving parts. 
  • Installation between the upstream product conveyor and the original infeed of the machine.
  • A flexible design and gentle handling capabilities, which make the Zero-Gap II ideal for applications in the soft drink, beer, wine, food and household product industries.