YA11R. STAHL recently released the first explosion-protected panel-mount horn, the YA11, with not only a global certification, but also a rugged aluminum housing. The company believes that this horn is additionally highlighted by:

  • The power to signal very important events, such as a safety hazard or accident condition.
  • No need to install horns mounted separately on the outside of the enclosure, which can make them very susceptible to damage. 
  • Operation from 18 to 32 VDC, and at ambient temperatures from -40° to 70°C.
  • A weight of less than 3 pounds and an outer profile of 1.1 inches.
  • A profile that’s pre-wired with 10 feet of cable, makes installation quick, easy and cost effective.
  • IP66- and NEMA 4X-certified protection. 
  • Zone 2 certifications for ATEX and IECEx, as well as NEC and CEC Class I, Div. 2, Class I, Zone 2.