dynaBLEND™Fluid Dynamics™, a division of Neptune™ Chemical Pump Co., Inc., has announced that its dynaBLEND™ liquid-polymer blending systems can play an important role in realizing the true product-recovery potential of mature oil and gas wells. According to the company, key characteristics of the systems include:

  • Liquid-polymer technology can help turn marginal and/or abandoned fields and wells into big producers again through an Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) process known as alkali-surfactant-polymer (ASP) chemical flooding.
  • In the EOR process, an alkali agent, a surfactant and a polymer are blended together and injected into a water injection well that is energizing the formation; this chemical combination helps release the oil from the trapped formation and flow to the well’s surface.
  • The system is ideal for ASP applications because it has been designed to effectively activate all types of liquid polymers.
  • The non-mechanical mixing chamber delivers an unequalled degree of reliability when compared to other mechanical technologies.
  • The system features an injection check valve that has been designed for easy disassembly and inspection, which eliminates many of the maintenance concerns that affect other systems.
  • HydroAction Technology produces in excess of six times the mixing energy per unit volume than a comparably sized mechanical mixer.
  • Control options range from manual systems to fully instrumental PLC-based units with an unlimited variety of inputs and outputs.
  • Standard units are available to provide activated polymer solution from 30 gph (114 lph) to 21,000 gph (79,494) lph, with standard or custom dry-preparation systems with capacities to 2,200 pounds (998 kg) per day also available.