Southworth PalletPalSouthworth Products presents its PalletPal 360 Air level loader to build or break down pallet loads with a minimum of bending, reaching, stretching or walking around. Moroever, the company says that the PalletPal 360 provides:

  • Automatic adjustment of the height of pallets as boxes are added or removed, which is achieved by a heavy-duty reinforced rubber air bag that maintains the top layer of stacked containers at a convenient height.
  • The accommodation of loads from 400 to 4,500 pounds. 
  • A turntable ring (or optional turntable platform) that effortlessly rotates the load, so you can stand in the same spot throughout the loading or unloading process.
  • The containment of all components within the diameter of the turntable ring, so you can get closer, allowing full 360º access. 
  • Faster, safer and easier loading and unloading of pallets.
  • The virtual elimination of lifting and the other productivity-robbing, injury-producing movements common to pallet-loading applications. 
  • The capability to also handle non-uniform loads
  • The flexibility to use the unit anywhere once the air bag is inflated by shop air or a portable compressor. 
  • Easy relocation due to fork pockets at the base.
  • No need for floor lagging or electrical power.