E2S EEx beaconsE2S Warning Signals says that the EEx d versions of its BEx family of explosion-proof beacons can now be specified as an array of high-intensity LEDs rather than the traditional Xenon tube, a change that enables 9 different modes of operation to be specified. Furthermore, these beacons offer:

  • 9 different operating modes, which include 4 flash modes, 4 rotating modes and a steady-state mode.
  • Colored protective domes to match the wavelength of the relevant LED light source, therefore maximizing output.
  • 3 remotely selectable visual alarm stages.
  • Your choice from amber, red, blue, green or clear colors.
  • Mechanically robust, high-output LEDs with long service lives.
  • The capacity to handle environments in which shock and vibration are present.
  • Availability of a 112-dB(A) sounder (combined with the beacon in 1 housing), giving users a cost-effective and easy-to-install method of providing both audible and visual signaling.
  • Compliance with IECEx, InMetro and GOST R standards.