Planetary MixersRoss Planetary Mixers are now offered with newly improved sealed and purged gearbox assemblies for sensitive applications requiring the tightest protection against contamination. According to the company, the improved mixers are characterized by:

  • Two rectangular planetary blades rotate on their own axes, while they orbit the mix vessel on a common axis.
  • This mixing action is ideal for moving viscous fluids or wet granulations.
  • The stainless steel, heavy-duty sealed gearbox housing includes a sloped cover to prevent contamination and pooling of condensed liquids.
  • Solvent vapors and airborne particles are likewise prevented from entering the purged gearbox.
  • These mixers also feature a gable-roofed bonnet to avoid dust or water collection.
  • All ports and connections are tri-clamp design.
  • Atomizing spray nozzles are installed on dedicated ports for controlled and spill-free addition of liquid raw materials into the batch.
  • Other optional features recommended for sensitive mixing applications include flush discharge plugs or valves, covers for use with the portable mix vessels during transport and controls integrating the mixer with auxiliary equipment such as vacuum pumps, heating/cooling units, load cells, etc.