MYNAH MiMiCMYNAH Technologies recently released the MiMiC Debutanizer operator training package for teaching safe and effective operations of distillation columns. According to the company, this high-fidelity operator training system also offers:

  • The ability to teach process and automation engineers the use and design of process controls for distillation towers. 
  • A preconfigured and tested high-fidelity dynamic model of a working debutanizer column.
  • MiMiC Distillation advanced modeling objects for dynamic, accurate process responses.
  • 13 prebuilt training scenarios that cover instrument failures, feed upsets, atmospheric changes and process failures.
  • Process control configurations in MiMiC models and Component Studio graphics, as well as DeltaV Simulate modules and DeltaV Operate graphics.
  • MiMiC Component Studio Instructor Station graphics.
  • Process snapshots for full production, production at 33 percent and column total reflux.
  • Full MiMiC software license for customization of user requirements or as a starting point for customer operator training systems.
  • The flexibility to work with any control system and be customized to perform like any installed column.