Schenck DISOCONTSchenck AccuRate has designed the DISOCONT® MASTER touch group controller to manage up to 16 gravimetric screw feeders, weigh feeders and mass flowmeters. The company believes that the DISOCONT® Master also boasts:

  • The capability to control or monitor multiple feeders from a single workplace at a specific ratio as part of an overall group set point, or control a group of feeders by a master gravimetric feeder. 
  • Simplified touch-screen operation and recipe management.
  • The display, analysis and acknowledgment of events.
  • The power to reset the totalizing counter.
  • Measurement value selection.
  • The ability to interlock feeders in a group. 
  • The flexibility to be packaged in a panel-, wall- or pedestal-mount IP65, NEMA 4 enclosure. 
  • Optional Fieldbus communication, language translation and batch reporting.