Lloyd Instrument lineAMETEK Test & Calibration Instruments has introduced the latest additions to its Lloyd Instrument line of advanced materials testing systems:  the Lloyd Instruments LS5 and LS2.5.  According to the company, both single-column machines feature:

  • The latest linear guide technology, pre-loaded ball screws and advanced software compensation systems.
  • The LS5 is a 5kN/1124 lbf machine; the LS2.5 is a 2.5kN/562 lbf device. 
  • An extensive range of grips, fixtures, extensometers and software options.
  • A large work area with 150-millimeter throat depth for larger specimens.
  • Suitability for material- testing applications in quality control, academic, and research and development environments.
  • The LS2.5 system is especially suited for plastic, rubber and other high-elongation materials due to its wide crosshead travel, up to 1400mm.
  • Suitability for tensile and compression testing, friction, tearing, peeling, insertion/extraction, creep/relaxation and many other measurements in manufacturing, product development and research.
  • The LS5 has a crosshead speed range of 0.01 to 1016 mm/min, while the LS2.5 features a crosshead speed range of 0.01 to 2032 mm/min. 
  • Both machines have exceptional load accuracy of +/- 0.5 down to 1 percent of load cell value, which provides high dynamic range and thereby reduces the number of load cells required to cover the force range.
  • The machines use plug-and-play YLC Series load cells that feature anti-rotation collars to avoid load train twist and facilitate easy axial alignment. 
  • User-friendly, highly flexible and intuitive NEXYGENPlus materials testing software.