Advertisement by Larson Electronics has announced the release of the HAL-PRM-150W-LED, a high-power, hazardous-location-approved LED light fixture capable of replacing 400-watt metal halide units. According to the company, the light fixtures are:

  • Designed for use in demanding industrial, commercial and marine environments, they incorporate the latest in Cree LED design and offer the high-efficiency, high-power and long life of LEDs in an IP65-rated fixture.
  • Class 1 Division 2 approved and rated for use in outdoor and marine environments.
  • Capable of producing 14,790 lumens in a 60-degree flood pattern.
  • Housed in a rugged aluminum housing fitted with 30 Cree XPG™ LEDs.
  • Constructed of cast aluminum with a hinged, tempered-glass door and corrosion-resistant hardware for durability and resistance to demanding conditions.
  • Fitted with a U-shaped trunnion mount, which provides vertical adjustability and allows operators to easily mount this unit to walls and flat surfaces.
  • Characterized by built-in pulse width modulation circuitry, which provides active heat control to produce maximum LED life and maintains even LED output over the life of the LED assembly.
  • Designed to operate with 120v AC and include a threaded ¾ inch conduit entrance for easy and secure connection to power sources.
  • Ideal for operators in commercial and industrial settings who wish to upgrade from hot running, fragile, and less efficient metal halide lights, yet need a rugged fixture that can withstand demanding conditions.
  • Capable of providing 50,000 rated hours of life, use less than 2 amps on 120 volt current, and are well-suited to outdoor and marine locations where hazardous gases, vapors and flammable atmospheres may occasionally be present.