DCS1800 and DCS1600Contractors, technicians and machinists now have even more reason to appreciate the superior capabilities of the High-Performance Wireless Recording Video Borescope System (DCS1800) and High-Performance Recording Video Borescope System (DCS1600) from General Tools & Instruments (General®). According to the company, the DCS1800 and DCS1600 are characterized by:

  • More than 15 probe options are now available for each system.
  • They offer quick and precise visual inspection of inaccessible or hazardous areas of complex machinery, equipment and systems without the need for disassembly or teardown.
  • Each come standard with a slim 5.5-millimeter (0.22-inch) diameter, 1-meter (3.28-foot) long flexible-obedient, front-view camera probe that is water-, oil- and dust-proof to IP67 standards.
  • The standard probe features a depth of field of 10 to 300 millimeters (0.4 to 12 inches.) and four adjustable, super-strength white LEDs that yield superior image resolution.
  • It provides a horizontal field angle of 46 degrees, vertical field angle of 34 degrees and diagonal field angle of 56 degrees.
  • Both systems also come with three interchangeable mirrored viewing tips that provide extra-wide view angles of 70 degrees, 90 degrees and 110 degrees.
    Probe options abound for both systems in lengths from 1 meter (3.28 feet) to 22 meters (72 feet) and include soft metal and VGA resolution articulating probes, ultra-slim probes (3.9 millimeters/0.15 inch) and switchable front/side view probes.
  • Each feature a 3.5-inch (88.9-millimeter) color monitor for real-time viewing and a removable 2GB SD card for recording video and still images.
  • The DCS1800 has a wireless range of up to 10 meters (33 feet) and can record audio annotations via an integrated microphone.