DRYVAC DV450 and RUVAC WH2500Two more application-focused vacuum pumps, DRYVAC DV450 and RUVAC WH2500, have been added to Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum’s product portfolio. According to the company, the two models are characterized by:


  • Complements the already existing variants of DRYVAC pumps and systems.
  • Combines dry screw technology with a very compact design and additional customer benefits, such as extreme silent operation, low ambient temperatures and minimal cooling-water consumption.
  • Is the smaller brother of the DRYVAC DV650, with an optimized drive for suction speeds of 450m ³/h and optimized engine efficiency, with only 5.3kW power consumption at final pressure.
  • An integrated frequency converter leads to reduced installation efforts for customers with full pump protection and a large variety of interfaces.
  • Operates at very low screw-rotor temperatures, making the pumps suitable for applications such as solar lamination.


  • The highest flexibility and pump protection via operation with frequency converter.
  • The smallest footprint in an advanced design.
  • Lowest power consumption and minimized noise and heat emissions.
  • Can be directly mounted onto properly sized backing pumps of Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum.
  • The full product range of WH2500, including three types of different drives with internal frequency converter, external frequency converter and direct net operation, is currently available.
  • Available with two different oil fillings — synthetic oil or PFPE oil.
  • A new motor concept helps to dramatically reduce pump downtime in short-cycle applications.