Meissner BioFlexMeissner says that its BioFlex® tubing assemblies not only provide secure and convenient fluid paths for use within single-use systems, but also easily scale with your process to accommodate flow rates in excess of 100 L/minute. Moreover, these assemblies offer:

  • The flexibility to be used in conventional or hybrid facilities to connect single-use and stainless steel processing equipment.
  • The convenience of integrating sterilizing- through clarification-grade capsule filters.
  • A sterile profile that comes ready for immediate use.
  • An easily customizable design to satisfy end-user requirements.
  • The incorporation of end-users’ required tubing material, connectors, filters, pinch clamps and other specified components.
  • Elimination of the cost and concern of on-site assembly. 
  • Pre- and post-use integrity testing procedures for applications requiring sterile filtration.