Grieve 997Grieve has designed the No. 997 electrically heated 750ºF cabinet oven for heating Teflon billets at a customer’s facility. According to the company, other features include:

  • 100 KW installed in Incoloy-sheathed tubular elements to heat the oven chamber.
  • A 10,000-CFM, 7-1/2-HP recirculating blower to provide vertical upward airflow to the workload. 
  • 6-inch insulated walls.
  • A digital programming temperature controller.
  • A manual-reset excess temperature controller with separate contactors.
  • A recirculating blower airflow safety switch.
  • A 10-inch (dia.) circular chart recorder. 
  • A subway grating shelf, which is rated for 2,500-pound loading, at the bottom of the oven workspace.
  • 4 pairs of shelf supports rated at 200 pounds per shelf.
  • Workspace dimensions of 72 (W) by 72 (D) by 72 inches (H).