Multibox VarioMultibox Vario insulated outdoor enclosures from Intertec let instrumentation and control engineers specify the precise dimensions they need for their particular application. According to the company, the enclosures additionally offer:

  • Dimensions from about 100 by 100 by 100mm with 20mm thick walls through models that are 2,000mm high, 1,200mm wide and 800mm deep, with a wall thickness of 102mm.
  • The flexibility simplifies containment of awkwardly-shaped components, and also allows the enclosures to be fitted in locations where there may not be enough space for standard-sized units.  
  • To help instrumentation engineers accelerate their design process, the company has developed a Web-based configurator.
  • All enclosures employ an energy-efficient sandwich-type construction, based on UV-resistant GRP (glass-fiber reinforced plastic) skins and an internal core of highly insulative foam.
  • The enclosures are based on a two-part design with external hinges and clasps; the female half incorporates neoprene edge seals, which are compressed when the male half is clamped shut.
  • They feature an ingress protection rating of IP65 as standard, with IEC 60079-compliant versions available for use in hazardous atmospheres.
  • The material’s strength virtually matches that of stainless steel, yet it weighs 75-percent less and is several orders of magnitude more stable than non-reinforced plastic; it is also fire-resistant and inherently immune to salt spray and harsh corrosive media.