MCRT® 88700VMCRT® 88700V series dual-range torque meters from S. Himmelstein accurately measure torque, even if the ratio of peak to average torque is high. According to the company, the torque meters additionally feature:

  • High accuracy in real-world applications, not just in the cal lab.
  • The industry’s highest over-range ratings, which avoids clipping real-world torque peaks and driveline torsionsals.
  • A low range that is 20 percent of their high range.
  • Three simultaneous analog outputs can be individually set to 5 or 10 volts at each range full scale.
  • Over-range is 150 percent to 300 percent and mechanical overload is 200 percent of the high range and 1,000 percent of the low range.
  • Digital output of torque, and speed and power with option Z, is available over the resident RS232 serial port.
  • Included software interfaces with Windows-based PCs for data display and collection as well as instrument setup.