FastPic5 inventory management softwareFastPic5 inventory management software from Kardex Remstar offers a cycle-counting feature to quickly and easily verify the physical inventory. According to the company, benefits include:

  • The software features a built-in cycle counting feature, allowing inventory to be counted and verified on demand.
  • Users have the ability to cycle count an individual part, a group of parts or an entire storage device.  
  • Cycle count orders can be scheduled to automatically run on a pre-determined frequency.
  • Users can also specify the time of day the count will be run, minimizing interference with day-to-day activity.
  • The software can also be configured to perform a count when the material reaches a pre-determined level; insuring inaccurate inventory doesn't stop production.
  • Cycle counting is treated like an order and can be created within the FastPic5 software at the user’s discretion.
  • The user can also initiate the cycle count through their host ERP system.
  • Once completed, cycle count transaction results can be exported to the host system to ensure inventory accuracy between FastPic5 and the host system.