GXS dry pumpsEdwards has extended its range of GXS dry pumps to meet the demands of high-volume industrial OEMs and end-users. According to the company, the new GXS450 and GXS750 pumps:

  • Feature innovative screw technology and a high-efficiency drive to deliver high vacuum performance.
  • Have high peak pumping speeds of up to 436 cfm, and when combined with a booster pump can offer even higher speeds of up to 1978cfm, while achieving ultimate vacuum typically down to 3.8x10-4 Torr without purge.
  • Are ideal for many applications which require rapid pumping of large gas volumes, such as steel degassing and metallurgy processes, glass coating, solar coating, LED manufacture and
    load-lock applications for vacuum chamber evacuation, but can also maintain a low process pressure for extended periods.
  • Feature advanced temperature control, low maintenance and long service intervals of up to five years, making them robust and economical.
  • Feature a design that incorporates a number of innovative features which contribute to its smooth quiet running, excellent vacuum performance and low running cost.
  • Have shafts that are supported at both ends for increased rigidity, resulting in improved dust handling, reduced vibration and noise levels below 70 dB(A).
  • Enable users to minimize their environmental impact as they feature reduced gas and power consumption.
  • Feature a motor that is matched to the inverter to give up to 15-percent efficiency improvement compared to current designs, which further reduces the cost of ownership.
  • Are fitted with a controller as standard, providing users with reduced installation cost and enhanced control features including stand-by for reduced utility consumption, pressure control and start-up and shutdown routines.
  • Are now available in 10 variants to suit all applications.