SWECO C2 gasketSWECO introduces its C2 gasket as capable of grounding screens to eliminate static that can build up on some products. According to the company, this sanitary, conductive elastomeric gasket also offers:

  • The power to minimize screening problems that result from particle-to-particle bonding or agglomeration, and by particles clinging to the screen mesh, both of which are caused by excess static buildup.
  • The capacity to decrease the risk of arcing, which can cause dust ignition in extreme circumstances.
  • A co-extruded product of FDA white silicone, which is the only portion exposed to product contact, and conductive black silicone, which makes contact with the frames and outer lip of the screen tension ring (for the company’s STP and spot-welded screens only).
  • Construction from FDA-approved components.
  • Sizes that range from 24 to 72 inches round.
  • Suitability for use in food and high-static processes.