filtec SpectroVisionThe filtec SpectroVision Touch vision inspection system incorporates precise vision capabilities that make it indispensable when it comes to optical detection of defects. According to the company, this technologically advanced system also boasts:

  • Inspection accuracy at speeds of more than 1,800 containers per minute.
  • The inclusion of high-resolution CCD cameras.
  • High-quality inspections across a multitude of applications, which include general quality control in industrial applications, as well as fill levels, cap quality, labels, empty cans and more.
  • A touch screen and versatile user interface that make it easy to tailor the system to user requirements.
  • All stainless steel construction to enable full wash-down capabilities.
  • Reliable, long-life LED strobe lighting.
  • Multiple language settings.
  • Several configurations for 1-touch changeovers.
  • Integration with other filtec inspection products.