KNF NF1KNF Neuberger presents its Type NF1.25-inch micro diaphragm pump as an ideal high-pressure solution for dosing or transferring liquids or liquid-gas mixtures at flow rates up to 300 mL/minute. The company believes that this pump further provides:

  • Intermittent or continuous operation against pressures up to 6 BARG (87 PSIG) over the pump’s entire lifetime.  
  • Optimal chemical resistance resulting from the use of PP, PTFE, EPDM and FFMP materials for components that come into contact with the pumped medium. 
  • The power to withstand both neutral and aggressive liquids without risk of corrosion or other damage.
  • A patented valve system and sophisticated diaphragm technology to achieve high levels of efficiency. 
  • Your choice of motors, including iron core DC, ironless core DC or brushless DC versions (which can be supplied with simple 2-wire operation or with 4 wires, enabling advanced tachometer output, speed control input and a highly linear control curve for use in closed-loop systems). 
  • Selection from a wide range of standard voltages and frequencies.
  • A self-priming, dry-running design that requires virtually no maintenance over a long lifetime. 
  • The flexibility to mount these pumps in any position.
  • Specialized complementary accessories that include an anti-vibration mounting plate with the capability to dramatically reduce vibration levels and audible noise.  
  • Suitability for analyzers, cleaning and disinfectant devices, water treatment systems, fuel cells and semiconductors, among many other applications.