VM SeriesDENSO has increased the maximum payload capacity of its VM Series six-axis articulated robots from 10 kg to 13 kg. The new payload capacity, an increase of 30 percent, allows the VM-Series robots to handle a wider range of applications. According to the company, the robot also features:  

  • Reaches from 1,000 to 1,300 mm and standard cycle times of 0.89 to 0.95 seconds.  
  • Repeatability from ±0.050 to ±0.070 mm.
  • Long, slim arms allow them to reach easily around tooling or peripheral equipment and into deep, narrow spaces, such as plastic injection molds.
  • High maximum allowable moment of inertia (0.36 kgm² at J4 and J5 and 0.064 kgm² at J6) is 2.5 times greater than conventional robots, allowing a wider choice of end-effectors.
  • A small footprint and concealed electrical wiring and air lines, facilitating integration and saving valuable factory floor space.
  • The ability to be mounted on the floor or overhead with no special tooling required.
  • Standard, dust- and mist-proof and Class 100 cleanroom models are available.
  • ANSI and CE compliance allows global deployment.
  • Typical applications include assembly, dispensing, inspection, machine tending, material handling, material removal, packaging and test handling.