VitesseThe Yokogawa Corp. of America now offers the newest addition to the FA-M3 PLC family, the Vitesse controller, which has been designed for its speed. According to the company, the controller:

  • Is characterized by the High-Speed IPRS (Instruction, Processing, Response and Scan) design concept.
  • Can achieve the world’s fastest scan speeds clocked — executing 100,000 program steps in 1ms.
  • Boasts an on-board Ethernet port, USB port and a SD card slot, which give the controller unparalleled power for handling large amounts of data on the 32 GB SDHC memory card or over FTP with the client/server functions.
  • Makes communications with Modbus TCP/IP devices simple, thanks to the built-in Ethernet port as well as programming and remote OME (operation, maintenance and engineering).
  • Allows for up to 100 traces can be set, allowing highly accurate analysis of large amounts of operation data.
  • Can automatically log data in a trace-setting file that can be later used to troubleshoot problems and debug programs, by just inserting an SD memory card into a slot on the module — no PC necessary.
  • Can be maintained remotely by emailing trace setting and results files.