Munso Vee-ConeMunson Machinery introduces its VB-10-316S Vee-Cone sanitary blender with a capacity of 10 cubic feet (283 liters), as well as smooth internal surfaces free of baffles, shafts and bearings, which facilitates unobstructed material flow and complete discharge through a gate valve. According to the company, other features include:

  • Rapid sanitizing to prevent cross-contamination, which is thanks to the absence of residual material, and easy access to internal surfaces through the discharge valve and doors at the ends of the inclined cylinders.
  • Uniform blends typically achieved in 5 to 15 minutes with equal efficiency at fill volumes from 100 to 25 percent of rated capacity, depending on the material.
  • A tumbling action that is more gentle than that of agitated machines in which blades, paddles or plows are forced through stationary material.
  • An intensifier bar that can impart the shear needed to break down soft agglomerates.
  • Compatibility with dry and granular materials.
  • Availability of a liquid dispersion intensifier bar positioned within the mixing chamber to distribute liquids throughout the batch more thoroughly and rapidly, reducing cycle times.
  • Optional clean-in-place systems, abrasion-resistant steel construction for high-wear applications, heating and cooling jackets, construction to ASME pressure codes, load-cell mounts for weighing of batch ingredients and control packages from manual start/stop operation to programmable operation of all mixer functions.