Positorq® load control brakeThe new Positorq® load-control brake from Force Control Industries is an oil-shear hydro-viscous brake designed for dynamic slip, as well as static stopping and holding for oil rig draw-works applications. According to the company, this dual-purpose brake:

  • Controls stop rate, absorbs the energy from stopping and enables stop and hold in position during tripping to make the next pipe connection.
  • Can slip at very low speed (0 RPM) smoothly, making it ideal for controlling WOB (the weight on the bit) without chatter, stick slip or cogging during the drilling operation. 
  • Is the ideal replacement for water brakes or eddy current auxiliary brakes commonly used, as well as the mechanical band or caliper brake on the winch drum.
  • Is part of the Positorq® LCB system, which includes an oil shear Positorq® load control brake as well as a Force Lube Cooling Unit which can be mounted in various rig locations. 
  • Eliminates the sharp jerk when transitioning between dynamic slip and static lockup — thereby reducing load on other transmission components, cabling and top rig.
  • Can be designed as either spring set — so that a loss of power will automatically set the brake, or pressure set so that a loss of pressure will cause the brake to release. 
  • Weighs much less than conventional eddy current brakes, and is smaller in size — both of which help with rig space and weight allotment. 
  • Offers low speed (down to 0 RPM) for drilling bit control and high torque (up to 300,000 Lb. Ft.) for tripping stop and hold.
  • Features heavy-duty, totally enclosed, sealed fluid-filled housings that eliminate sticking, grabbing or accelerated wear due to problems of corrosion, mineral buildup and rust.