LVDT position sensorMacro Sensors’ new non-contacting LVDT position sensor keeps steel rolling mill operations running smoothly with less downtime. According to the company, the position sensors:

  • Ensure quality control during steel production.
  • Monitor the position of milling frames that support rollers during the hot rolling process. 
  • Feature position feedback, which ensures frames don’t deform or shift.
  • Can also be used to monitor the position of the rollers themselves. 
  • Are highly rugged and robust and offer long-term operation within the high temperatures and harsh environments of steel rolling mills.  
  • Are environmentally sealed to IEC standard IP-68, rated to 185°F (85°C), and protected against dust ingress.
  • Resist moisture and contamination from airborne particulates and other dirt and grime inherent in steel mills. 
  • Are specifically designed for easy calibration, configuration and installation. 
  • Feature radial configuration with rod ends, which simplifies installation, as there is no need for core rods for connection. 
  • Include pre-calibrated on-board electronics, eliminating the need to configure signal conditioners. 
  • Feature electrical null adjustment, which makes for easy positioning. 
  • Are available in 0-10V, 4-20mA, +/-10V outputs and ranges of ±0.015 inch (±0.38 mm) to ±10.0 inches (±250 mm).