IRB 120ABB Robotics has introduced an ISO 5 (Class 100) Cleanroom version of the IRB 120, its smallest multipurpose six-axis robot. According to the company, the new models are:

  • Characterized by all the functionality of the standard IRB 120, with superior motion control and outstanding path accuracy, providing agility, precision and speed to applications where a smaller footprint and profile are required. 
  • The most accurate six-axis robot on the market with a repeatability of pose (RP) of 0.01mm; competitive six-axis robot models feature an RP of 0.02mm.
  • Characterized by a special four-layer paint with varnish clear coat for easy cloth cleaning; unpainted mounting holes; unpainted stainless steel mechanical stops; and special glue-seals to avoid particle generation.
  • Easy to integrate into new and existing lines — they can be mounted at any angle, either in a cell, on top of a machine or in close proximity to other robots on the line. 
  • Extremely nimble, featuring a compact turning radius on axis 1, allowing it to be mounted close to application process machines.
  • Easy to clean and maintain with internal cabling and smooth surfaces.
  • Designed with a light, aluminum structure, with powerful motors that ensure fast, accurate acceleration.