Keba’s KeTop T20 seriesThe industrial handheld operating devices of Keba’s KeTop T20 series weigh only 1 pound (half a kilogram) and feature an ergonomic design. According to the company, the devices are further characterized by:

  • Easy and effortless operation, which is possible even with only one hand.
  • Availability in two versions, the T20 techno and the T20 eco.
  • Both types have a very high-contrast and well-readable OLED display with WQVGA resolution, which is also available as a touchscreen.
  • The T20 techno is equipped with a programmable LCD keypad with tactile keys.
  • An efficient user-guidance, by targeted showing and hiding of keys, can be achieved easily.
  • The T20 eco focuses on price-sensitive applications and features a sturdy membrane keyboard that can be customized according to customer´s requirements.
  • All KeTop T20 models offer high processing power and best ergonomics in the robust, industrial designed housing.
  • Various controls, such as key switches, push buttons, hand, or potentiometer axis selector switch are available.
  • Suitability for control, visualization and teaching.
  • The necessary performance provides a powerful, ARM Cortex A8-architecture-based OMAP3503 high-performance processor.
  • Various interfaces, such as Ethernet, RS232 and RS422-C-A allow easy integration into existing automation systems.
  • All controls of CoDeSys Automation Alliance can be operated with KeTop T20.
  • Common bus systems such as CAN and Profibus as well as real-time Ethernet protocols, such as EtherCAT and SERCOS III are supported.
  • Easy customization, implementation and management of the user interface can be done with the user-friendly KeStudio ViewEdit, which includes many turnkey widgets.